dimanche 30 novembre 2008


A summary of the main events since the so-called fiscal update:

1. Libs, Dips and Bloc come together, realising that they can bring down Harper on his own follies.
2. Harper retracts Political Parties funding proposal.
3. Liberals deposit non-confidence motion in House for Dec. 1.
3. Harper Changing date of the vote on non-confidence motion to Dec. 8.
2. Harper threatens to prorogue Parliament to avoid said non-confidence motion.
3. Harper back-peddles on ALL controversial aspects of fiscal update, including a budget!
4. Peter MacKay (chicken-little) looks like a fool.
5. The internal disintegration of the Conservative Party begins.
6. Conservatives spy on the NDP caucus.

This is all too fun to watch...and priceless in politics.

samedi 29 novembre 2008

View from inside a PLQ campaign

This weekend is the advanced polls for the Dec. 8 election. So we are busy with GOTV. Is going well.

The events in Ottawa are certainly helping. Marois tried to spin the Charest-Harper link, trying to associate him with the fiscal update. Nothing came of it.

Charest, on the otherhand, has done what was necessary - has made the call to Quebecers to make sure that they elect a majority government to avoid exactly what Harper has brought upon himself.

So while some (in the English media) have spun Harper's political party funding cuts as a way to undermine the Charest camp (by riling Quebecers against Ottawa), if indeed it was his intent to hurt Charest, it has backfired.

Indeed, Ottawa's comings and goings have taken the media spotlight off of the campaign, which hurts both the PQ and the ADQ, and helps us enormously.

So thanks Steve - your bumbling has done us a huge favour!

vendredi 28 novembre 2008


You blinked!

But too little too late buddy.

I betcha that you will lose the confidence vote on your non-fiscal update on Monday, and a coalition government replaces you...

The Centre and the Left has united.


Fou - Part Deux

To continue the media barrage on Harper's fiscal update:

Chantal Hébert, John Ivison, Susan Riley, Thomas Walkom, Ottawa Citizen, Alain Dubuc, Patrick Lagacé, André Pratte...and the list could go on...

Il est allé trop loin, et en même temps, pas assez...qu'on s'en débarasse au plus vite...

Élections? Coalition? Nouveau chef du PLC avant une élection...

Et les élections provinciales?

Politics is so much fun....

mercredi 12 novembre 2008

Two announcements

1. J'organise une campagne libéral pendant les élections provinciale ici au Québec. Donc je ne suis pas souvent disponible pour mettre à jour le blogue.

2. Michael Ignatieff will announce his candidacy for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada tomorrow. I have already made the decision to support his candidacy, and will be his chief organiser here in the Townships.


We share the same agenda, not only for the Liberal Party here in Quebec, but across the country. We have similar views on most public policy questions facing this country, and I am certain that, once elected leader, most Canadians will appreciate his candour, his "prestence" and his leadership abilities, as well as his positions on the main policy questions.

He is the best person to face off against Harper, who is trying to change the political centre of this country, to move it to the right. Michael is the one who can pull the Liberal party back to its traditional centrist base, and push the Cons back to the right where their ideology and their policies belong.

I can't tell you how many times, during my door-to-door during the last campaign, I was told "c'est dommage que vous n'avez pas Micheal Ignatieff comme chef." Well, I will work my hardest to make sure that this is the case come Fall '09 and the next probable Federal election.

So, for those interested, and who live in the Townships, contactez-moi à william@williamhogg.ca, and let's make sure that Michael is the one that leads us after Vancouver in May.

Bien à vous,

mardi 4 novembre 2008

Obama's speech




The Obama family

is all wearing red...sign of opening up to the GOP?

McCain's Speech

Was all that is good of the old soldier.

The crowd, on the other hand, was all that is bad of the Republican Party.

Yes We Can!