vendredi 19 décembre 2008

Michael et le Québec

Depuis une semaine, M. Ignatieff commence a rebâtir les relations stable et constructif entre et PLC le PLQ de M. Charest. Finalement, un chef qui a compris quoi faire.

First, and hour long meeting with M. Charest to talk economy and budget. Direct consultation, no less in Quebec, in the offices of the Premier.

But I doubt the meeting was just about economy and budget though. Betcha he got lots of tips on how to speak to francophone Quebecers.

Comme son discours hier, disant qu'il ne cherchera pas l'enchassement de la nation québécoise dans la constitution, tout de suite.

Ça resemble drôlement au discours de M. Charest et son ancien ministre des affaires intergouvernementales, Benôit Pelletier.

And he is right, the timing is not there - we have bigger fish to fry first - economy, deficits (lots and lots of deficits no less...), standard of living, health, education...

So to prempt anyone who might try to spin yesterday as federal Liberals being their traditional anti-Quebec selves - sorry, but his discourse is exactly as it should be.

vendredi 12 décembre 2008


Since the middle of the federal election, Conservatives in Quebec are scrambling. Their leader has shown, with the culture cuts and justice reforms (and now Senate meddling) that he does not understand/care for Quebec.

His recent efforts to hit Charest during the provincial campaign (which may or may not have had an impact on the final results) have only increased the tension between Quebec Cons and the federal party.

I have seen the impact of Harper on the federal scene here locally. Many former Conservatives who are Liberal at the provincial level have made the choice to move over to the LPC (including some high ranking cabinet staff and not a few MNAs).

Ignatieff's accession as leader of the LPC, combined with continued Harperisms destined to destroy the party here in Quebec will further the decline of the Cons (as highlighted by Buzetti in Le Devoir today). Perhaps Harper's purpose is to create an anti-Quebec sentiment in the rest of the country - emulating (?) the efforts at previous Liberal governments during national unity crises - to garner support in English Canada and achieve that apparently unreachable majority sans la belle province.

What will the impact be the LPC in Quebec under an Ignatieff leadership combined with Harper's attacks on Quebec? We may indeed be able to win upwards of 30 seats (perhaps more, but we need more polling data) in a federal election!

But what is more important, and was highlighted by Bellavance in La Presse, is we have an opportunity to build strong links between the LPC and the PLQ, something that I have been personally working on over the last three years (I just finished running a provincial campaign that was declared victorious 5 minutes after the closing of the polls!).

Michael and his team understand the importance of these links (perhaps due to the fact that Marc-André Blanchard, former president of the PLQ and close collaborator with Charest, was one of the key organisers for his leadership campaign here in Quebec). What this means is, over the long-term, we can reconnect with francophone Quebecers, and build up a long-term foundation for success.

But this success can't be solely based on the LPC-PLQ link - we need to communicate with voters in Quebec, and highlight the fact that we are the only party at the federal level that can create a progressive government based on the values and interests of Quebecers.

If we can do both, 30 seats is only the start!

vendredi 5 décembre 2008


Comme Kinsella a dit, et je suis d'accord - on respire, on regroupe, on gagne lundi, et on revient plus fort...

mercredi 3 décembre 2008


Incroyable jusqu'à quel point les Cons sont prêts a y aller....

Dans La Presse....

How incredible, just days before the anniversary of the motivate gun lovers to come out and support a radical right-wing government!

lundi 1 décembre 2008

Bye-bye les cowboys!

Dans La Presse d'aujourd'hui...

Faits saillants:

76% des québécois pour une coalition...

Majorité forte contre l'énoncé économique de Harper...

Sondage des partis:

36% Bloc
28% Libéral
15% NPD
15% Conservateur (!)

Tout un revirement! Bye-bye les cowboys!

Ailleurs, Ignatieff comme PM?