lundi 14 juin 2010

Mouth of Sauron Series

When I was a kid, I loved reading Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Series, as I am sure many of you did too.

In an effort to expose some of the stupidity coming out of the PMO these days, I would like to start up a post or series of posts on some of odd statements made by the Mouth of Sauron, better known as Dimitri Soudas.

For example, this morning we found out that Liberals are elitist because we go to the lake in the summer.


Whether Lake Muskoka, Lake Ontario, Lac Memphrémagog or Okanagan Lake, I am sure that millions of Canadians, with or without a cottage, make the effort to take a trip to "the lake" with family or friends.

It can be for a couple of hours, for the day, a weekend, or if you are lucky, for the season.

That's what's great about this country - you can't drive 30 minutes most of the time without running into one of the damn things.

They are accessible, most of the time clean, and a healthy way to spend a nice summer day.

If that is elistist, then most of the country fits the bill...

It also means that many of us will have the time this summer at the lake, thinking about "fake lakes" and how Harper has misspent our tax dollars.

Feel free to join in the fun. The Mouth of Sauron Database is now open!


Look, an "elitist" with his daughter, AT A REAL LAKE! (Courtesy Maclean's)

jeudi 10 juin 2010


Ceci ne devrait pas passer inentendu...Listen!

jeudi 3 juin 2010

The Mouth of Sauron

I thought the comparison was apropos, given this, and this, and this...I could go on, but why bother...surprised no one has thought this before...