dimanche 15 novembre 2009

Chucking the vaccine...

The Globe piece here confirms an email I got from a friend last week:

"My niece tells me that the vaccine is only good for one hour at room temperature. When she turned up for her appointment at the Childrens' the pharmacist was busy filling 100 syringes and cautioning the nurses that they had only one hour to inject 100 arms.When they couldn't find that many who were eligible (staff) they tried to give it away before the expiry time. Makes me wonder how much of this stuff is being wasted."

Doesn't jive with the 24 hours the Globe arcticle cites. Does anyone have clear numbers on the shelf life of the vaccine?

On another H1N1 note, my partner's son seems to have come down with the flu and is holed up in his room. He was supposed to get his shot this Thursday - too late for him it seems.

Maybe I'll be live-blogging my own personal version by the end of the week...

samedi 14 novembre 2009

Quality journalism on a Saturday morning...

Le Devoir does some good analysis of the crisis of our Parliament here, here and here.

Bonne lecture!