jeudi 14 octobre 2010

Questions on Harper's Reaction to UN Smack-down

"As I've said before, our engagement internationally is based on the principles that this country holds dear. It is not based on popularity."

So does this mean that it is the opposite at home?

"Our values...are the things we're pursuing, and that does not change regardless of what the outcome of secret votes is."

So does that mean that you are against secret votes if they threaten your values?

Does that make you anti-democratic?

Why attack secret votes at the UN? Did you want, maybe, to know WHO voted against you? In order to get a little pay-back maybe? A little cut to foreign aid here, a little less trade there, maybe a few less flights to Canada for a foreign carrier from an unfaithful voter at the UN?

We have noted Harper's vengeful, spiteful politics over the past four years at home. If you don't support his policies, shut the f*** up or you'll pay for it. Is he now going to use that abroad, say against China? India? The EU? Washington.....?

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